Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm no longer here- but I am somewhere!

I'm no longer at this site any longer.  Please join my newest adventurer of learning to become organized at On My Way To Organized!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did I mention I'm sporadic?

If you know me in the least, or even if you have read my blog for any length of time, you know...I'm a sporadic type of gal. I would love to be the slow and steady turtle, but I guess being a rabbit is just so much more fun. (or maybe it takes less discipline?)

And if you know me really well, you know- I have a very hard time finishing what I start. I think I get it from my dad. So I can blame this on genes, right?? :)

Anyway, all that to say I have moved on to a different blogging site.

My new blog is

I was curious as to see what the big deal is about wordpress, as I see other people are switching to them, so I switched to. Maybe I'm a follower and not a leader? J/K ;) And I kinda just wanted some sort of fresh start. So if you are interested in my expedition you can check out the new blog. Hope to see you guys over there! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


MIA-Missing in action. And that is exactly what I have been the last month. Let me tell you, it has been one heck of a month too! It all started when Jonathan caught pneumonia, and then it spiraled downhill quickly. Most of you know how it is when you husband is sick and you are the only one to take care of EVERYTHING. Well, that is how is was, only we did have our in-laws, seeing that we live with them. However, I soon caught bronchitis, and then Elijah caught something. So, you can see, I didn't get much of ANYTHING done for a whole month. On top of our being sick, Jonathan started up a lawn care business, which he had to run, and work, all during his normal job. So I saw him hardly at all. Which made things a little harder, especially when we didn't get yet another house that we put an offer in on.

.....BUT ENOUGH of all that. We are healthy now, and happy.

Updates: I haven't been running (or dieting....eeek!) because of the bronchitis. AND I wasn't able to participate in the MUD RUN either. I will be picking up on the running this week.

There is a lot going through my mind about different things I want to get done, some of it is the same things that I never seam to get right, and some, new. Maybe I can post more about it all later :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Falling off the balancing beam

Truly and deeply frustrated. Oh, I guess it's not that bad really. What, you make ask has me all in a tizzy? Well, this whole idea of "eating better." See I have done really well with my work-outs. I've been going to the Y or running around the neighborhood almost everyday. However, I can't seam to say no to the chocolate, or the cookies, or the tea. It doesn't really matter what it is-as long as it's not good for me I will want it. The most frustrating this is I can go with out it. I've done it for weeks at a time. No sweets, not bad carbs, only drinking water. When I do go with out these kind of foods for a week or so, I don't cheat. However when I go off the "diet" and try to stay in moderation I tend to break down. I will decide I can have a small slice of cake. But after having that, I decide that I can have one glass of sweet tea which turns into two. Before I know it, I am back to my old habits. Therefore my work-outs don't do me as much good, because I am just keeping even. ::SIGH:: Will somebody please tell me how to balance this thing out? The thought of never eating anything yummy again sounds terrible. However, I can't seam to "just have one" as the potato chip says. I wish I could learn to have a small something everyday. It just seams that once those taste buds get going, they won't let up. HELP!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday, or Saturday.........

So I forgot to post this past week, but I have been trucking along with my routine. I am glad to say that I have lost another pound!! whop whop. And I am doing a little bit better with my running. I have been reading some training books and they said the best way to train is to run for three minutes and then walk one, then run three again......and keep going for 32 mins.

I did that on Tuesday and it was so much easier than doing it all at once! I did weights on Wednesday and Friday. I ran on Thursday and was able to run a mile in 12 mins! yay. (for those of you who are runners, please don't mock :) Today I ran/walked (I have to walk for a min) a mile in 12 mins outside. It is soooo much harder to run outside than on the treadmill. It was also much harder for me to breath. I have exercised induced asthma, and it is well controlled but I was having a little bit of trouble today. Not that I couldn't breath, it was just harder and I could feel it in my chest a little. No biggie. I wish I could learn to breath through my nose and out my mouth when I run. I know (or at least think...hummm) that you are supposed to do that. I practiced it a little today. I also do some abs after my run. I was sooo tired, that I wouldn't have been much able to do anything else. That is where I am going to have a hard time because in the Mud Run, you have to be able to run and than pull yourself over walls or carry truck tires (as a team). I will write more later about how it went going "vegetarian." For now, I'm going to go enjoy this weather!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week in Review- Weight Loss Wednesday

So now that I am going on a mud run, I am trying to well, run! As I shared before, I don't like running. Actually, I hate it. And I have great excuses to not run, -it's hard with kids, lack of time, asthma- but really folks, I can do and I am going to. The thing with running is, IT Kills. It takes everything out of you.

While visiting my parent's this last weekend I got on their treadmill. I decided to measure exactly how long I could run. I started out walking for about five minutes and then started running at five miles an hour. By half a mile I thought I might die. By .75, I wished I'd would. (ok, so not really-I exaggerate sometimes;) I kept thinking "the body always gives up," I heard or read that quote recently but can't remember where. So there I was, breathing hard, feeling like I would fall down and get scrape marks all over me from the moving treadmill belt, but quoting over and over again, "the body always gives up, the body always gives up." I wanted to make it to a mile so badly. And it was great when I finally made it.

I have been challenging myself this week to see how much I can really do. Whenever I have done crunches in the past I have always done fifty. I don't know why, that just sounded like a good number. Then this week I though, "huh, I wonder if I can do more?" I ended up doing a hundred; and have from then on.

I haven't been doing great with food. It is always harder for me when we go see my parents. They typically have every sweet know to man. In addition to that, it was my brother's and my sister's birthday. Can you say cake and ice cream? This week I am going to do a detox. No, not some crazy eat grapefruit and drink pepper water for a week. I am simply eliminating meat and processed foods from my diet for three days. I start today:) I will allow myself to have all the fruit's and veggies I want. I was also allow a small amount of dairy in addition to beans and rice. I think that will help me get some protein. Part of me thinks this won't be too hard. (watch I will be begging for a break by tomorrow!) I actually think I won't have a hard time giving up meat, it's the processed foods that will be hard. No crackers? No fruit snacks? No chips? ugh! BUT I think it will be so good for me. I will also purpose to drink at least sixty-four ounces of water.

If I have time on Friday I will put up a post as to how it is going. If not I will try and remember to post it next Wednesday. Hope you all are having a productive week. :) If you have any running tips, strategies, or stories, I would love to hear 'em!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

31 Days of Clean-Week in Review & Link Up Your Posts

How did your week go? I actually haven't finished my list to add on to my routine, but I did accomplish something this week. I rearranged my bedroom and gave it a cleaning overhaul.

I'm not sure how it happened. I looked around my messy room and thought. Humm...the bed would look nice over here. And before I knew it I had moved the bed, then the dresser, and then I had to move the bookshelf. And I figured while I was moving it all, it would be a good time to dust, sweep, wash walls, and do whatever else I thought it needed to be clean.

About half way through, I was getting pretty tired. I had moved heavy pieces of furniture by myself, gone through papers, and have taken all the books off the bookshelf. However, all the books, and misc papers were still in piles on my bed. I knew if my husband came home and saw my new "work in progress" he would be less than thrilled. So I persevered and finished. Actually it felt really good to finish what I started. As, I have shared before, my personality is good at jumping into things with a passion but I burn out pretty quickly. This time it was nice that when my husband got home to have it all finished. And he complimented me on my job well done. :)

How did your week go? Did you make a list? Figure out what motivates you to clean? Or did you on the spur-of the moment, decided to rearrange an entire room. :) Whatever it is, consider it an accomplishment and share on the links or comment section below.