Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Falling off the balancing beam

Truly and deeply frustrated. Oh, I guess it's not that bad really. What, you make ask has me all in a tizzy? Well, this whole idea of "eating better." See I have done really well with my work-outs. I've been going to the Y or running around the neighborhood almost everyday. However, I can't seam to say no to the chocolate, or the cookies, or the tea. It doesn't really matter what it is-as long as it's not good for me I will want it. The most frustrating this is I can go with out it. I've done it for weeks at a time. No sweets, not bad carbs, only drinking water. When I do go with out these kind of foods for a week or so, I don't cheat. However when I go off the "diet" and try to stay in moderation I tend to break down. I will decide I can have a small slice of cake. But after having that, I decide that I can have one glass of sweet tea which turns into two. Before I know it, I am back to my old habits. Therefore my work-outs don't do me as much good, because I am just keeping even. ::SIGH:: Will somebody please tell me how to balance this thing out? The thought of never eating anything yummy again sounds terrible. However, I can't seam to "just have one" as the potato chip says. I wish I could learn to have a small something everyday. It just seams that once those taste buds get going, they won't let up. HELP!!


Julie V. said...

This is something I've always struggled with, and something I've also come to terms with the past few weeks. With dieting, most people take an all or nothing approach....which isn't very realistic. I've learned that, yes, I will have a cookie if I want one...but just one. It helps if I eat it morsel by morsel. If I do splurge, I also try to do it at the end of the day, so I'm not tempted by anything else for the remainder. I hope that helps! Thanks for the encouraging facebook note!

Liz said...

Thanks Julie. I think I am coming to the same conclusion. Learning to go step by step. Not a super quick solution but a more realistic one. Your welcome for the note, I meant it :)