Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week in Review- Weight Loss Wednesday

So now that I am going on a mud run, I am trying to well, run! As I shared before, I don't like running. Actually, I hate it. And I have great excuses to not run, -it's hard with kids, lack of time, asthma- but really folks, I can do and I am going to. The thing with running is, IT Kills. It takes everything out of you.

While visiting my parent's this last weekend I got on their treadmill. I decided to measure exactly how long I could run. I started out walking for about five minutes and then started running at five miles an hour. By half a mile I thought I might die. By .75, I wished I'd would. (ok, so not really-I exaggerate sometimes;) I kept thinking "the body always gives up," I heard or read that quote recently but can't remember where. So there I was, breathing hard, feeling like I would fall down and get scrape marks all over me from the moving treadmill belt, but quoting over and over again, "the body always gives up, the body always gives up." I wanted to make it to a mile so badly. And it was great when I finally made it.

I have been challenging myself this week to see how much I can really do. Whenever I have done crunches in the past I have always done fifty. I don't know why, that just sounded like a good number. Then this week I though, "huh, I wonder if I can do more?" I ended up doing a hundred; and have from then on.

I haven't been doing great with food. It is always harder for me when we go see my parents. They typically have every sweet know to man. In addition to that, it was my brother's and my sister's birthday. Can you say cake and ice cream? This week I am going to do a detox. No, not some crazy eat grapefruit and drink pepper water for a week. I am simply eliminating meat and processed foods from my diet for three days. I start today:) I will allow myself to have all the fruit's and veggies I want. I was also allow a small amount of dairy in addition to beans and rice. I think that will help me get some protein. Part of me thinks this won't be too hard. (watch I will be begging for a break by tomorrow!) I actually think I won't have a hard time giving up meat, it's the processed foods that will be hard. No crackers? No fruit snacks? No chips? ugh! BUT I think it will be so good for me. I will also purpose to drink at least sixty-four ounces of water.

If I have time on Friday I will put up a post as to how it is going. If not I will try and remember to post it next Wednesday. Hope you all are having a productive week. :) If you have any running tips, strategies, or stories, I would love to hear 'em!!


Outnumbered! said...

Good for you! You've motivated me to try running. I haven't yet of course b/c I have all the excuses that you mentioned, but at least it is rolling around in the back of my mind. Britt said he wanted to run w/ me. I told him that he wouldn't like it b/c it would be soooooooooooooo slow, but he wants to anyway. We'll see.

Liz said...

Thanks! I think you guys would have fun. :)

It is hard with kids. What Jonathan and I did the other day was to put the kids on a bike trailer (we have one that converts to a stroller) and pushed them around to. It was a little bit harder and it would pull on my shoulders a little but not to bad. I like the trailer better than the stroller b/c it is smoother.