Monday, May 3, 2010


MIA-Missing in action. And that is exactly what I have been the last month. Let me tell you, it has been one heck of a month too! It all started when Jonathan caught pneumonia, and then it spiraled downhill quickly. Most of you know how it is when you husband is sick and you are the only one to take care of EVERYTHING. Well, that is how is was, only we did have our in-laws, seeing that we live with them. However, I soon caught bronchitis, and then Elijah caught something. So, you can see, I didn't get much of ANYTHING done for a whole month. On top of our being sick, Jonathan started up a lawn care business, which he had to run, and work, all during his normal job. So I saw him hardly at all. Which made things a little harder, especially when we didn't get yet another house that we put an offer in on.

.....BUT ENOUGH of all that. We are healthy now, and happy.

Updates: I haven't been running (or dieting....eeek!) because of the bronchitis. AND I wasn't able to participate in the MUD RUN either. I will be picking up on the running this week.

There is a lot going through my mind about different things I want to get done, some of it is the same things that I never seam to get right, and some, new. Maybe I can post more about it all later :)


Joel and Cindy said...

I just saw on Facebook what happened. I am so sorry. I can't imagine what you're going through, especially since this isn't the first time. I will be praying for you throughout these next few weeks especially. Just keep trusting God. He knows what is best for us and gives us strength to make it through whatever He sends us.

Liz said...

thanks Cindy. I appreciate your note and your prayers. :)